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Pianoforall - the world's first interactive online course for learning the piano.

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  • Engaging Content
  • ​Enhanced Musicality
  • ​Immediate Progression
  • ​Learn by Popular Music
  • ​Learn to PlayPiano by Both Hands
  • ​Great Communication

You get to sound like a Pro right from the start

Pianoforall has been specifically designed so that you CAN achieve a professional sound within few DAYS – you can be the life and soul of the party before you know it. 
You then become HIGHLY motivated to learn more and this is the most effective way to learn.
Pianoforall is a great option if you are looking for an online method to play your piano.

Pianoforall has over 450,000 members. It is a well-known online piano course. The instructor uses a chord-based approach, "play first, ask later, " which immediately makes you sound like a professional. Robin Hall, the creator, claims that it will teach you how to "play piano by your ear, improvise and create compositions, then finally read piano sheet music." Each lesson is designed to take you from one skill to another in a very short time, in a logical manner.

According to testimonials 20-30 minute daily practice can suffice to make you sound good in a few days. How does Pianoforall work? Is it able to live up to its promises? Continue reading to find out if Pianoforall is right for you.

Pianoforall Program

“Pianoforall” is a step-by-step program providing the user with a solid foundation of chords and rhythms while progressing to playing by ear and sight reading. 

The method uses a combination of keyboard diagrams and musical notation, with media clips to emphasize each point. 

As you progress, the musical staff is shown for you to see what you have actually been playing. You will be amazed at how difficult it looks printed on paper!

One of the big strengths here is that you'll jump straight into a number of modern, popular music styles, 

so it's great for anyone who maybe sees the piano as a stuffy instrument reserved for classical music. 

It also throws you straight in at the deep-end, meaning you play along with popular tracks right away, instead of simple 'learning tunes', which makes it feel more fun to start with.

How Does The Course Work?

The Pianoforall method is based on teaching how to play the piano through two main things.

One of them is the rhythm piano. Robin Hall aims to teach basic rhythm patterns quite soon in the course, and as you progress, you’ll learn more complex rhythms.

Another element that Hall puts focus on is the chord progression. By learning chords and chord progressions, you’ll soon be able to play familiar songs.

By teaching piano rhythm and chords, you’ll get a grasp of playing the piano pretty easily, and you’ll also be able to apply it to various songs – even your own!

However, the program doesn’t neglect notation, which is a crucial part of learning how to play the piano well. 

If you learn notes and sight-reading, you’ll be free to play anything you want.

To teach you how to read notes, Pianoforall uses a unique and effective combination of keyboard diagrams, notation, audio, and video.

That way, you’ll learn notes by the so-called visual association – you’ll learn it first by diagrams and then see how it looks like in musical notation.

With Pianoforall, you’ll learn how to play by ear as well as read sheet music. It’s a good method for learning how to play the piano quickly but also properly.

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Who Is It Designed For?

According to Robin Hall, the creator of Pianoforall, this unique course is designed to take beginner piano players to the intermediate level as quickly as possible. 

You don't need any prior experience of piano play or of any other instrument.

You begin by learning rhythm style piano and expand your musical journey to play Jazz, Ballad style, Blues, and other styles, eventually playing even amazing classical pieces.

Pianoforall will teach you to play piano using a combination of playing by ear and reading sheet music. 

You'll also be able to hear audio lesson piano of each exercise, so you'll know what they should sound like.
Pianoforall piano lessons

Learn Piano (Curriculam)

Pianoforall offers you Nine ebooks (600 pages in total), 200 video lessons, and 500 audio clips and exercises.

Each ebook is specifically themed for one genre of music. 

These ebooks are completed sequentially, so you sort of master one skill and progress to another.

Let’s have a look at the ebooks and discuss their content. They are listed in the order as follows:

• Book #1: Party Time—Rhythm Style Piano

• Book #2: Blues & Rock N Roll

• Book #3: Chord Magic

• Book #4: Advanced Chords Made Easy

• Book #5: Ballad Style

• Book #6: All That Jazz & Blues

• Book #7: Advanced Blues & Fake Stride

• Book #8: Taming the Classics

• Book #9: Speed learning

Let’s not forget the bonus book as well; The Practice of Mindfulness. So now, let’s delve in.

Book 1: Party Time/Rhythm Piano 

This book will teach you some great party rhythms. You will learn Piano 10 party rhythms, some ballad, a bunch of keyboard diagrams, and tips and tricks for playing the ultimate upbeat rhythms that can put you under the spotlight when you play them at a party. 

Book 2: Blues and Rock ‘N’ Roll 

Now that you have learn to play piano with some basic notes and have good information about the rhythms, book 2, will teach you some Blues and Rock N Roll. These rhythms become a part of hundreds of classic songs. You can learn some of the most amazing tunes from some great pianists like Fats Domino, Jerry Lee Lewis, and many more such great legends. 

Book 3: Chord Magic 

As mentioned earlier, it focuses on chords. Now that you know some chords you can go further in learning melodies and how they can be formed. 

Book 4: Advanced Chords Made Easy 

Similarly book 4, Advanced Chords Made Easy, is about some advanced chords. It will teach some of the most advanced concepts. Rythem chart for 80 Beatles songs and some other Beatles inspirations are part of the e-book. Book 

5: Ballad Style 

After having a strong grip on chords, you can use them to create a ballad style. Book 5 will teach you how you can use your knowledge to create some of your very own melodies and tones. You are now stepping into the zone of letting your own creativity shine. 

Book 6: Jazz Piano Made Easy 

Jazz is probably the most popular piano genre. It’s always cool to sit in a smoky bar playing some amazing jazz and letting all the people dance to the amazing music. So, book 6 will teach you all that you need to know about jazz music and how you can play an amazing jazz tone.

Book 7: Advanced Blues 

Book 7 will further teach you the blues. It can show you how you can improvise your previous knowledge to make some new tones and the version of “The Entertainer” is also part of this e-book. 

Book 8: Taming the Classics 

This book will strengthen your grip and understanding of the classic tones and how you can master those traditional and some of the most amazing classical melodies. 

Book 9: Speed Learning This e-book will teach you about speed learning with some memory tricks and exercises that can help you make your learning easy and can ensure that you are learning well and fast

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Pianoforall, Pianoforall reviews, piano lessons, learning piano chords, piano chords

Why Pianoforall is Effective (Pros) 

Engaging Content

Pianoforall provides content that engages both your visual and auditory senses. You get embedded audio and video lessons as well as interactive ebooks.

This is especially beneficial to beginners who aren’t versed in reading music yet as they can see and follow along with instructors. There are also gamified apps where you have fun while taking your lessons.

Immediate Progression

With short small tasks to complete, you’ll get the impression that you’re becoming better at playing. This is a great confidence boost for beginners.

Learn by Popular Music

Another great feature worth mentioning is the music you learn. Pianoforall utilizes popular songs in its course, so you don’t have a hard time playing along.

Also, you’ll most likely enjoy a song you recognize more than some tune you haven’t heard anywhere before.

Enhanced Musicality

Pianoforall teaches you the piano by composing melodies, improvising, and hearing others play.
This style of learning is often ignored. However, piano lessons for beginners in this course is a great way for beginners to build a solid foundation in musicality.

Learn to Play by Both Hands

Unlike the traditional setup where you learn to play with the right hand, Pianoforall teaches you to play with your left as well.

Great Communication

Pianoforall provides you with a detailed and organized copy of their curriculum. This is a best way to learn piano, you have enough information to learn piano on your own.

Meet Yors Instructor

Robin Hall, the program’s creator, has a unique background. He used to work as a cartoonist and was teaching piano on the side. He launched his online method in 2006 and is now a full-time instructor.

He plays the keyboard and the grand piano, which is great if you’re looking for a program that mixes elements of classical piano playing while showing you how to play tunes on a keyboard.

Robin Hall has an impressive amount of tips and tricks to share. This advice will help you progress faster, and you’ll find plenty of useful tricks for memorizing some of the important concepts like chords and progressions. 

We like his approach to piano playing because he doesn’t spend a lot of time on the more academic concepts that don’t help you sound better.

 Pianoforall FAQs

I am a complete beginner. Will Pianoforall be too hard for me?
To begin with Pianoforall doesn’t expect anything ‘musical’ from you. Nor does it expect that you have to MEMORIZE any piano sheet music. If you simply follow the instructions you will learn topiano to play by ear, improvise, create compositions and then eventually read piano sheet music. Pianoforall helps you to see the keyboard (and piano sheet music) in a new way. Instead of a frightening alien language you will learn keyboard in terms of SHAPES and PATTERNS. This is one reason why the piano is one of the easiest instruments to learn – the shapes and patterns are so easy to see on a keyboard.
How many hours will I need to practice each day?
Pianoforall is so cleverly structured that you only need about 20 to 30 minutes each day to enable you to make rapid progress. Most people learn piano online enjoy it so much they end up practicing MUCH longer than that!
How long before I sound good?
HONESTLY you will sound good within few days.
Does it matter if I learn on a piano or a keyboard?
The lessons work equally well on a Piano or Keyboard. I try to urge people who are learning keyboard to learn to PLAY first BEFORE they get stuck relying on the keyboard functions. You really CAN easily learn to play keyboard, flowkeys and not just hit a button that does it for you!
Can I put the lessons on my tablets or smartphones ?
Yes – the books work beautifully with Tablets and Smartphones
There are full easy to follow instructions with the downloads or the disc
iOS (iPad, iPhone) uses the built-in ‘Books’ App to view the books
Android devices use a free app called KOTOBEE READER
Is it a one off payment. Will I be charged again at any time? How secure are my details? If I wanted a refund how difficult is it??
Is it a one off payment. Will I be charged again at any time?
Don’t worry. You will only be charged once!
What about Refund ? If I don't want to continue
If for any reason you need a refund you simply email me and I set it up for you immediately through Clickbank we offer 60 days money back guarantee.
If I gave people any problems with a guarantee I would soon have bad reviews everywhere – so I always make sure I honour every promise.

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Pianoforall, Pianoforall reviews, piano lessons, learning piano chords, piano chords
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